Julie Baumlisberger

What if you believed that you ALREADY have all the tools and traits you need to live a joy-filled,  successful life?

When you don't know WHO you are, what GIFTS you possess, or how to use them best, you are not fully stepping into your true power.  Knowing where your strengths lie,  your unique design and how you are "wired" to succeed enables you to make the most of ALL your tools!  Life becomes FUN, less frustrating, and you'll find yourself in the FLOW of life.

There are many ways to assess these gifts, and I offer a selection so that you can choose one or more to discover who you really are.

The Clifton Strengths Test takes about 45 minutes, and offers a full report that offers which "domains" describe you best, as well as your top 10 Strengths (aka the things that keep you doing the things that excite you and bring you success)

The Human Design way of exploring who you are is based on your astrology, and as I'm learning, is yet another way to get clues about what makes you "tick". 

And of course, Astrology and our birth charts have been used for centuries to understand the correlation to what was happening up in the heavens impacts us here on earth.

The great news?  All three of these assessment tools can be interwoven to really give insight to who you are.  And when you realize that you ALREADY have "what it takes" to live a vibrant, joy and passion-driven life, the next step is to step into that POWER!

I offer coaching to help you understand your reports, and can get you started if you're interested in learning more about any of them!  Contact me for your assessment links.

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