Julie Baumlisberger




Coming Home Festival Tickets are NOW on sale!  We also have openings for volunteers, artisans, holistic practitioners and workshop facilitators! 

Buy your tickets  here!


After years of hosting community events, workshops, dinners, and gatherings, we have decided to give our location a proper name.  We took into account our beautiful surroundings, with the pond and cedar forest, bountiful gardens, etc., all located on Station Street.  Hence, "Cedar Woods on Station" is what we will be using moving forward. 

We also kept coming around to the idea of inviting speakers to share their passions, ideas and knowledge with our community.  Because everything is better with food,  pot lucks will also be a part of these events.  (And we're not going to rule out bonfires and music!)

Here are the details for our next Event:

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