Julie Baumlisberger

Curious about the benefits of combining breath work and cold exposure?

Through simple yet specific breath exercises we can transform how the body makes immunity chemicals in our system. The positive effects last the rest of the day into your sleep time. A rested mind is a happy mind. A happy mind builds a happy body. Very small amounts of gradual cold exposure is shown to create anti-inflammatory benefits that last for days, and the breath exercises create calm faster than years of mindfulness training. When you learn to face your fear of the cold, you learn so much more about yourself!

"The experience I had at my first plunge has really changed how I deal with difficult situations in life. I really am grateful that you invited me to join in on the fun! I love the cold! "   LS, Feb. workshop

"Personally it's the shift in feelings within me, from anxious to confident and feeling a sense of accomplishment to push myself and be a part of a wonderful group experience" DL, Feb.workshop

"Without having to tell myself the pain will pass and trying to stay
calm, I just FELT the discomfort and was completely ok with it. I'd go
as far as saying I was enjoying it!"  ND, a  return participant

Contrast therapy, aka Wildfire Adventures, with Ariel & CK

We  hosted our very first workshop with 18 participants,that took us through two extremes, heat and cold.  With our amazing facilitators, we were able to get uncomfortable, break past our limiting beliefs, and see what we are really capable of achieving.  All within the framework of support from a beautiful community!

Our next workshop is Saturday, March 30, stay tuned for details.  In the meanwhile, here are some pics from our first event in February!